I regularly contribute to academic conferences and policy events. A selection:


“The Euro-Crisis and the Single Market – Three Scenarios”, lecture at the conference “Dancing on the Edge – Managing Euro Risks and Opportunities”, organized by Dansk Erhverv Børsen, Copenhagen, 7.2.2013.

“A Lost Year? The Relevance of the German Elections on European Stability”, open lecture at American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at the Johns-Hopkins-University, Washington, DC, 12.2.2013.

„Finanzmarktreformen seit 2009: Ist mehr Haftung alleine die Lösung?“, lecture IMK Konjunkturforum: Finanzmärkte Revisited, Berlin, 21.3.2013. [Financial market reforms since 2009: Is increasing liability the solution?]

“Europe at the Crossroads: Will the euro crisis kill the single market?’”, lecture and participation in a podium discussion, European Council on Foreign Relations, London, 22.4.2013.

“Germany and the Eurozone”, participation in a podium discussion, Euromoney Conference, “Germany 2013: A Crucial Year”, Berlin, 25.4.2013.

“Mit einem neuen magischen Viereck die Europa 2020 Strategie zum Erfolg führen“, lecture, Ministry for Economy, Industrie and Trade of Nordrhein-Westfalen, 23.5.2013.

“Recalibrating the role of states and markets: Where economics got the balance wrong in the 1990s and early 2000s”, DAAD-summerschool 2013, “States, Markets, and Development
in the 21st Century”, Berlin, 12.6.2013.

“Learning from the South: Lessons for the euro-area from emerging market currency crisis”, HTW-DAAD workshop “Regional Integration for Development”, Berlin, 19.6.2013.

German success story: lessons for Europe”, lecture at the conference “German economic model – a model for Europe?”, Confederation Lewiatan, Warsaw, 27.6.2013.

“The euro crisis: causes, outlook and lessons”, lecture at the Economic Institute der University of Campinas, Brazil, 13.8.2013.

“Reregulating global financial markets since 2009: What has been achieved?”, lecture at the Economic Institute der University of Campinas, Brazil, 14.8.2013.

„German economic model - example for Europe?”, lecture at the „European Forum for New Ideas“, Sopot, Poland, 26.9.2013.

“Assessing the stabilization impact of a European Unemployment Benefit Scheme (EMU UBS): Is the US model the right point of reference?”, lecture at the conference of Bertelsmann-Stiftung: “Let’s think out of the box -Automatic stabilizers for the Eurozone: Pros and cons of a European Unemployment Benefit Scheme”, Brussels, 11.10.2013.

„Not strong, not weak, but smart –  the state for the Economy of Tomorrow”, Keynote-lecture at the “Economy of Tomorrow Conference: Visible Hands: Defining a New Relation of Market and State”, Fudan University, Shanghai, 11.11.2013.

Five years of the DAAD-HTW partnership on „Money, Finance, Trade and Development“: What have we learned?”, lecture at the workshop on the “Development Strategies” at the East China Normal University, Shanghai, 13.11.2013.

“How to revive growth in the Euro area: National policies and reforms”, lecture at the conference “Beyond  low interest rates: Reviving Growth in the Euro Area”, organized by “Cercle des Economistes” and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin, 19.11.2013.

“European competitiveness: is completing the single market the key?”, lecture and participation in the podium discussion at the ‘The Europe Question: perspectives from the UK’ debate series, organized by ECFR und dem LSE European Institute, London School of Economics, London, 21.11.2013.