Policy Advocacy

I work regularly as a policy advisors and have been a consultant among others to a number of German foundations, the European Commission, the United Nations on Trade and Development, the United Nations Economic Commission on Latin America and the Carribeans and several Länder ministries in Germany. I have testified in front of committees of the German Bundestag as well as the European parliament.

I am also member of the EU Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion.

Two projects were of particular importance over the past couple of years: The proposal for a European unemployment insurance and on a new framework in Germany for a more strategic economic policy making.

European unemployment insurance

On the European unemployment insurance, the two key documents recently published are:

A European unemployment insurance as a stabilization device – Selected issues

A euro-area wide unemployment insurance as an automatic stabilizer: Who benefits and who pays?

Strategic policy making

On the new framework for strategic policy making, the two key documents are:

Ziele und Zielkonfl ikte der Wirtschaftspolitik und Ansätze für einen neuen sozial-ökologischen Regulierungsrahmen

Für eine strategische und nachhaltige Wirtschaftspolitik in Deutschland: Die Rolle der Bundesländer und die Zukunft des Länderfi nanzausgleiches.